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Shock stick.png

A Shock stick or Neural Collapser is non-lethal weapon that is designed to bring a person down by interfering with the body's nerve signals.[1][2]

Essentially a baton shaped stick, it is primarily deployed by security forces for self-defence, to control combative perpetrators and is considered invaluable in crowd control and riot situations.[3][4][5] While "safer" than old style truncheons and clubs, a shock stick can still inflict serious injuries that may require medical attention.[1]

The stick itself consists of an insulating laminate case surrounding a shaft of discharge capacitors and micro-transformers with a magnetic insulator grid separating the shaft from the handle. The handle itself is coated in and insulated self forming outer layer and contains the stick's main power bus, discharge processor, voltage regulator and battery pack which is accessible through the end-cap lid.[1]