The Babylon Project

Simon Burke was a security officer stationed on Babylon 5. He was possessed by Asmodeus while on a vacation to Earth in 2271.

2271: Possessed by Asmodeus[]

While on vacation to Earth in 2271, Simon Burke was possessed by one of the Incorporeal beings exiled and bound to Earth aeons ago named Asmodeus. As soon as Officer Burke returned to Babylon 5, this became apparent and Burke was taken into custody by station security and placed in a holding cell. When Father James Cassidy and Colonel Lochley interviewed Burke in his holding cell where he revealed that Burke's consciousness had been suppressed and the entity which had possessed Burke was named Asmodeus. Asmodeus claims to have been placed here by God to restore faith across the universe. In fact, Asmodeus had been banished to Earth and his only way to escape was to possess a body, and be exorcised in deep space. This is why Asmodeus made no attempt to conceal himself after arriving on Babylon 5. After Lochley and Cassidy realise, this they confront Burke and then decide to send Burke back to Earth where Asmodeus will be exorcised, hopefully allowing Burke to resume his normal life.[1]