The Drazi Sky Serpent is one of the most powerful fighters found in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and is credited with changing the view of many worlds' approach to fighter construction. It is possible for a single Sky Serpent to be berthed with a Drazi Sun-Hawk variant.[2] Many Sky Serpents saw service during the Shadow War, including the Battle of Sector 83.[3] An undamaged Sky Serpent is capable of surviving after taking a direct hit from Centauri blockade platform's energy weapons.[2]


ITF icon The following is based on Babylon 5: Into the Fire.

Until the Sky Serpent was first seen most races took the Centauri approach building fast and manoeuvrable fighters to protect large capital ships from small gun ships and cruisers. The Sky Serpent was designed to overwhelm the Centauri fighters in raw fire power during long combat operations. Since the introduction of the Sky Serpent, several other races have used a similar principle with their fighters such as the Narn with their Frazi class heavy fighter, and the Earth Alliance with the Starfury.


  • Archived website of unreleased computer game Into The Fire states the fighter is 15.3 meters long,[4] while one of the size charts released by 3D artist Tim Earls, who worked as a lead designer during fourth and fifth episode of Babylon 5 TV series, states it is 19.12 meters long.[5]



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