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" are alone. You have no one to awaken you from your madness. For this, and nothing else, I feel pity for you."

Delenn to The Sniper

This sniper was an Earthforce officer and veteran of the Earth-Minbari War. He would be described as a "real psycho" by Michael Garibaldi.


During the Earth-Minbari War, he met Boggs and they would become friends. During the war, he served behind enemy lines, taking several Minbari prisoner. He was able to pick up some of their language, which he said came in handy when he told them to start digging their own graves. He also claimed to have once taken seven days to kill a Minbari, by systematically tying off and amputating the extremities, starting with the fingers, then the feet, the hands, arms and legs.

In 2259, the sniper was stationed on Babylon 5 and would join the Nightwatch, seeing it as a group that was anti-alien. In 2260, following the Battle for B5 Independence, he was one of a small group of Nightwatch personnel that escaped deportation by the B5 command staff. Led by Boggs, he participated in a plan to discredit and assassinate John Sheridan. The sniper, however, threatened to deviate from the plan through his anger. He almost assassinated Sheridan as he walked in the Zócalo when Boggs stopped him. When the group captured Delenn, Fleet Captain Lennan and his aide in an attempt to force the Minbari Warcruisers to withdraw from B5 space, the sniper almost killed Delenn out of anger, but was stopped by Boggs. When Boggs contacted Sheridan with his demands, he proved they were serious by having the sniper execute Lennan's aide. Later, during a fire fight with B5 security, the sniper realized they were losing and threw a knife at Sheridan, but Delenn ran out in front of it and took the hit. An enraged Sheridan chased him down and beat him unconscious by hand. According to Bo, who witnessed the incident, the sniper didn't get up again for three days after that.[1][2]