The Soldier of Darkness, depicted in the Book of G'Quan

The Soldiers of Darkness are a carnivorous race brought into the service of the Shadows that took part in the First Shadow War. Both Narn and Markab have accounts of their existence and form.

Like their Shadow masters, Soldiers have the ability to become invisible. The Soldiers have been described to be able to travel directly through walls.

The Soldiers survive by feeding on the biomass of living creatures, eventually draining them of all their internal organs and leaving their victims as desiccated husks. If the availability of food is limited, they may drain their victims slowly, keeping them alive as long as possible so it can continue to feed. Individuals who survive these feedings may form a psychic link with the Soldier that allows them to sense the Soldier's presence, even at a distance. It is unclear if this link enables the survivor to sense any Soldier or only the one that originally fed upon them. Soldiers can also go into periods of extended hibernation lasting several years.

The Soldier that arrived on Babylon 5 in 2259 was highly resistant to PPG blasts, which chief of security Michael Garibaldi likened to no more than a bee sting. However, Captain John Sheridan realized that while one sting may only be an annoyance, a hundred of them can still be lethal. The Soldier was lured into the open and fired upon dozens of times until it was eventually overwhelmed and destroyed.[1]

Victims fed upon by SoldiersEdit


  • "Soldiers of Darkness" is the name applied to this species by the enemies of the Shadows. Their actual name is unknown.
  • Given their ability to pass through solid objects, the Soldiers may have been among those boarding Babylon 5 in the possible future seen by Jeffrey Sinclair.[2][3]


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