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Soom was a low-tech planet on which the techno-mage Elric made his home with his apprentice Galen.[1]


Many species of Soom animal lifeforms share a distinctive characteristic in which their knee joints bend backwards.

  • Soom: Indigenous sentient humanoids.
  • Jab: Domesticated animal, notable for it's long, low to the ground cylindrical body, muscular legs, scaly pink skin and a needle-sharp retractable sting on its forehead.
  • Swug: Bulky, bumpy skinned animal partial to sea spree, salt water and kwa blossoms.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Drel: A desert city, located a continent away from Tain.
  • Tain: Located on the coast and one of Soom's the largest cities, Tain serves as a centre of trade and features Soom's one and only spaceport. In 2258, the city was controlled by the corrupt leader know as the "Rook of Tain", or "His Exaltedness" as he preferred.
  • Lok: Small town located near Tain. Elric made his home here. The towns-people would often request the aid of Elric to settle the disputes. While Elric did not like to display his powers in front of them, he would occasionally entertain them with delightful illusions.


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