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Robert Bryson in Grey 4

Robert Bryson with the Ralga Vessel of Souls

A Soul Globe is a spherical device used by Soul Hunters to trap the "Soul" of an individual before death.[1]

Once a vessel contains a "Soul", a Soul Hunter is able to talk to it and will enshrine and worship it. Some are kept safe and close to the one that took them as part of their "collection", while others are left in one of their cavernous Whisper Galleries where they hope the many souls will communicate with one-another.

Normally a single globe only houses one "Soul", however on only three occasions in their long history the Soul Hunters have claimed an entire world of "souls" at the instant of death. These Vessels are slightly larger than the others and can interface with a metallic, crescent shaped device that can bring forth the image of an individual personality within the globe and communicate with it.[2]