"Faith is good. But sometimes faith is blind."

Soul Hunter

A Soul Hunter arrived on Babylon 5 in 2263 when Robert Bryson took the Ralgan souls from a Soul Hunter Whisper gallery.

With some convincing from Elizabeth Lochley that the Ralganians were actually ascending to a higher plane of existence, the Soul Hunter joined the trapped souls in an attempt to extend a hand of friendship and the promise that the other Soul Hunters would try to find a way to reverse the damage they had caused.

Unlike most of his secretive race, this Soul Hunter was curious and made an effort to find out more about the different species he was surrounded by during his time on Babylon 5. He also showed gratitude to Lochley by waiting at her bedside as she recovered and bringing her a flower as a token of thanks, after she saved his life and showed remorse at what his kind had done to the Ralganians.[1]


  • To date none of the Soul Hunters encountered have been given names and as Lochley says in "River of Souls", it's not even certain that they have them at all.


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