The Rogue Soul Hunter was a Soul Hunter on the run from his own people.


In 2245, he was entrusted with preserving the soul of the Minbari leader Dukhat but he and his party were defeated when the Minbari "made a wall of bodies to stop them." After this failure he went on other missions that failed. After so many failures, he started to believe that a pattern had begun and he would continue failing if he didn’t find another means of preserving souls. One day he told the others of his order that he had found a solution. He began to kill those worthy of preservation before they were about to die. His order, completely against this hunted him down from planet to planet with many paying the price, but they were unable to catch him.

In 2258, the others nearly caught up with him. However, he escaped but not before his ship sustained heavy damage, wounding him. He and his ship came through the Babylon 5 jumpgate and he was taken on board. Hearing who and what he was, many of the aliens, including Delenn, began to warn Sinclair about the danger of having him on board. After he awoke, no one including the commander believed that he could do what he said he and his brothers could do. In a conversion with Delenn he remembered that he knew her and what she was, and then decided that she was worthy of preservation. Faking death, he knocked a guard unconscious and escaped Medlab. He then makes arrangements with N'Grath to negotiate the many corridors to reach Delenn without being seen. He succeeds and takes her to a secret place sets up his equipment and begins the process of taking her soul. However, commander Sinclair and security are closing in on him. Sinclair tracks him down and uses his own equipment against him and he is killed, but before he is defeated he tells Sinclair that seeing into Delenn’s soul, he knew what plans they had for him in the future.


  • His entire collection of souls was turned over to Delenn to be released from their globes.
  • This was the first Soul Hunter to have contact with Earth and Babylon 5.


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