The following is a list of different terms used in Space vessel classification.

Fighters Edit

Fighters are small vessels equipped for space combat usually operated in one or two man configuration incapable of creating their own jump points.

Medium Fighters Edit

Heavy Fighters Edit

Warships Edit

Warships are space vessels larger than fighters equipped for space combat. These ships are usually equipped with jump engines.

Corvettes Edit

  • Olympus, relatively small class of Earthforce vessel [3]

Cruisers Edit

Medium Cruisers Edit

Heavy Cruisers Edit

Battle Cruisers Edit

War Cruisers Edit

Dreadnoughts Edit

  • Nova, an older class of Earthforce vessel almost replaced by Omega-class. [7]

Destroyers Edit

Transports Edit

Shuttles Edit

Atmospheric shuttles Edit

Small vessels capable of trans-atmopheric flight used mostly for transporting small number of passengers from planet to orbit and vice versa.

Freighters Edit

Vessels used mostly for transporting cargo.

  • Achilles-type, most frequent freighter of Earth Alliance and Independent groups. Regular visitor to Babylon 5 station.
  • Whitestar-type

Liners Edit

Vessels used mostly for transporting passengers.

Deep Penetration Tenders Edit

Others Edit

Deep Range Explorer Edit

  • Explorer, vessel used by Earth Alliance for research and space constructions. [1]

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