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Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The Stak-class Scouts are recon ships in the Gaim's Queen Fleets.


The ship serves the same role as the winged Drones found in a Gaim army swarm. It flies forward to gather information and sows disorder. The ship is not particularly powerful or durable, but it's crew is designed to make the most of the gathered information.


The specifications of the Stak class varies depending on the publisher and editions. The above is from Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game's sourcebook The Lurker's Guide to the Gaim. The following are from other sources:

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (Game)'s Fleet Lists

  • Crew: 18
  • Weapons: 1 photon bomb launcher, 1 gatling laser
  • Auxiliary craft: 6 Klikkita fighters
  • Service date - 2189+