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Symbol of the Star Riders

The Star Riders were the oldest of all the Minbari warrior clans.


In ancient times the Star Riders were a mounted force that used the stars to help guide them.[1] During the Earth-Minbari War Shai Alyt Branmer, a Star Rider, served as the military commander of the Minbari Federation's forces.

When he died in 2258, the Star Riders were nearly dishonored when they disobeyed his wishes to simply be cremated and instead chose to give him a military funeral. Alyt Neroon, Branmer's executive officer and a fellow Star Rider lead a procession displaying his body to every Minbari from the Euphrates Sector to Minbar where he was to be buried. However when the procession arrived at Babylon 5 Satai Delenn was able to steal and cremate the body right under the noses of Neroon's warriors and station security. She later "convinced" Neroon to support her statement that Branmer's body was transformed.[2]

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