Station Io is a facility in orbit over the Jovian moon of Io, near to the Sol System jumpgate. Located near Grid 001 by 5 by 9, the station acts as the main transfer point for ships entering or leaving the system.[1]

Before serving on Babylon 5, John Sheridan and Susan Ivanova served together on Station Io.[2] At one point, Ivanova threw a telepath out of a third-story window, though she claimed that she was aware there was an ample pool below it.[3]

In 2258, Nelson Drake claimed that Vance Hendricks had checked out the Ikarran artifacts at the Io transfer point.[4]

Early on New Years Day of 2259, President Luis Santiago was assassinated when Earthforce One was destroyed at the Station Io Transfer point.[1]

In 2260, the EAS Clarkstown engaged in combat with the EAS Alexander after it had escaped the transfer point off of Io. The Alexander, under the command of General William Hague, had just failed in the Alexander's attempted coup against President Morgan Clark and his declaration of martial law.[5]