A space station and major transit hub in orbit of Earth.[1]

In 2189, Psi Corps Director Kevin Vacit, accompanied by Natasha Alexander, and Psi Cops Sasaki and Trout travelled from Station Prime to Lucifer station aboard the Varona, ostensibly to investigate a murder that Vacit claims may have been perpetrated by a rogue telepath. The true purpose of his trip was to take one of the Varona's atmospheric shuttles and search for an unknown alien, that he believed was connected to the origin of telepaths.[1]

The Icarus departed from Station Prime in December 2256.[2][3][4]


  • The source of this contradiction appears to stem from a line Sheridan said in ("Revelations"): -
"(Anna) arranged to meet me when we pulled into space dock off of Centauri Prime."
Later an ISN report shown in ("In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum") states: -
"(The Icarus) departed Station Prime five weeks ago..."
It appears likely that author Jeanne Cavelos made a natural connection between Station Prime and Centauri Prime and assumed this was the very same Centauri Prime spacedock Sheridan mentioned in ("Revelations").
  • Given the fact that no direct connection was made between the station and Centauri Prime in any episode and the semi-canon status of ("The Shadow Within"), the location as established in ("Dark Genesis") should take precedence. In addition, one could argue that from a security point of view, it would seam somewhat unlikely that the Centauri Republic would allow the Earth Alliance to build a space station within their territory, least of all over their own homeworld.


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