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Derived mainly from the SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury, the Stealth Starfury is far more rare and very expensive to produce.[1]

Outfitted as a fast interceptor and featuring some of Earthforce's most advanced stealth components, information on this model of Starfury is not widely distributed by Earthforce.[2] The Psi Corps maintained a squadron of these fighters called "Black Omega" and was formed under the supervision of the Psi Cop Alfred Bester.[3]


Two of the Black Omega fighters attempted to stop the ship in which was the Psi Corps defector Jason Ironheart, but he destroyed both easily with his powers.[4]

In an unknown date, a Black Omega squadron intercepted an commercial ship carrying rogue telepats. After forcing the crew to return them, and later, as example, made one of his men, Byron Gordon, to shoot and destroy the ship, killing all the mundanes onboard. [5]

After the independence of Babylon 5 in the Earth Alliance Civil War, President Morgan Clark made a plan to turn the public opinion against the station's crew, sending a full squadron of six Black Omega to attack a patrol of loyalists Starfuries, but thanks to, ironically, a tip of Albred Bester, Alpha Squadron of B5 intervened and destroyed all six Omega fighters.[6]