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StellarCom 01

StellarCom splash screen.

StellarCom is an Earth Alliance interstellar communications network comprised of tachyon transceivers on EA ships, outposts, jumpgates, and relay stations.

Interdimensional tachyon bridges built into jumpgates and jump-capable ships can provide a persistent tachyon relay between normal and hyperspace without an open jumppoint, and transmit data through hyperspace as tachyon beams to other jumpgates in a manner similar to the hyperspace beacon network.

This enables real-time interstellar communication between any ship or facility in normal space within range of a jumpgate, and any ship in hyperspace that is "on the beacon." Transmitter power and receiver sensitivity affect availability and quality of service as with many communication systems.

The technologies that enable StellarCom were partially derived from hyperspace technology acquired from the Centauri and the system has proven to be compatible with many equivalent alien tachyon networks. StellarCom compatibility may have become a de facto interstellar standard due to its heavy diplomatic and commercial usage aboard Babylon 5.

The StellarCom system manages the available tachyon spectrum into discreet assigned channels for audio, video, or data communication. Several channels are reserved for high or ultraviolet priority usage such as Gold Channel One for the Office of the President.

Like other tachyon transmission systems the StellarCom network is susceptible to interference by other powerful transmitters using the same frequencies. This was the case in the 2258 assassination of EA President Luis Santiago when a series of transmitters jammed frequencies including 1010105, the Gold Channel for Earth Force One, and the ship could not be warned that it was sabotaged.

A later case of StellarCom interference occurred during the Earth Civil War when the regime of EA President Morgan Clark employed both jamming and physical control of StellarCom infrastructure to prohibit unauthorized communications both within EA controlled space and to the rest of the galaxy. This jamming could be overcome to some degree, by the power of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 to transmit the Voice of the Resistance, and to achieve low-quality communication to the surface of Mars.

The BabCom network provides local video and data services within Babylon 5 allowing StellarCom access through a common interface terminal.[1]