The Babylon Project

Stephen Petrov was a human lurker in Babylon 5's Downbelow.

Petrov had been a petty thief in Brown 2 that Garibaldi arrested sometime in mid-2258, but he wasn't really a bad person and simply got mixed up with the wrong people. After Garibaldi helped him straighten out his life, Petrov wanted to repay him so he agreed to become a police informant. A week before the 30th of December 2258, he was hired along with others to load illegal cargo for a man named Devereaux. Petrov was suspicious of his activities and somehow found out about his involvement in the plot to kill the President. When agents of the conspiracy found out that he knew about it, he was attacked and fatally wounded but he managed to make it to Zocalo where he told Garibaldi about what he knew. A few moments later he died.[1]