The command crew are put in a difficult position when a unit of Psi Cops, led by Bester, comes to the station to arrest the colony of telepaths.



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Delenn encounters Lochley and informs the captain that Sheridan told her about Sheridan and Lochley's relationship. Garibaldi overhears the exchange, but as the exact nature of the relationship was unspoken, he is still in the dark.

Alfred Bester arrives on the station with telepath bloodhounds, special Psi Corps telepaths designed to hunt down rogue telepaths. Garibaldi barges into the captain's office, where Bester and Lochley are having a discussion. After attempting to assault Bester, Lochley has Garibaldi confined to the brig. Bester then proceeds to hunt the rogue telepaths. Despite Lyta's attempt to protect the colony, and with the reluctant assistance of station security, the bloodhounds track down and round up all of the telepaths.

Meanwhile, Delenn and G'Kar ask Franklin to serve as the Interstellar Alliance's leading doctor on interspecies contamination and invite him to produce texts on the subject.

Meanwhile, in the brig, Lochley reveals to Garibaldi that she was chosen to command Babylon 5 because Sheridan trusted her and she trusted Sheridan. This trust developed because they were married briefly, many years before.

Lochley is able to prevent Bester from taking the rogue telepaths using an obscure medical policy requiring individuals who had been in unknown space to remain in quarantine for 60 days prior to entering Earth space.

Delenn invites G'Kar to serve as Londo's personal bodyguard as Londo prepares to return to Centauri Prime. G'Kar and Londo reluctantly agree to the proposal.

Lyta enters the room where the telepaths are after their emanicpation, listens to them singing about home and freedom, then takes off her Psi Corps badge and joins them.

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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