The Streib are a race of aliens who abduct people of different species and perform experiments on them.


Sometime prior to 2259 they invaded Minbari space, but were beaten back to their homeworld.

In 2259, they raided the shipping lanes in Sector 92, abducting dozens of individuals. After investigating reports of strange activity in the sector, John Sheridan along with a full escort from Delta Wing encountered a Streib vessel. All but one Starfury were destroyed outright, while Carlos Ramirez's fighter was disabled, forcing him to limp back to the station with a leaking reactor while Sheridan was forced to eject and was captured by the alien vessel. On-board the Streib ship he was subject to experimentation and was forced to fight other prisoners, including Ta'Lon, with whom he later escaped after the EAS Agamemnon caught up with the ship at the Streib homeworld.[1]

Streib home world

The Streib home world

Streib Vessel

A Streib vessel battling Starfuries


Despite their physical similarity to the Zener, J. Michael Straczynski has stated that the Streib have no connection to either side fighting in the Great War.


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