The Babylon Project

Streib cruiser is a vessel of unknown class used by Streib race. Vessel is capable of creating its own jump points. There is an artificial gravitation on board.[1]


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The fearsome looking collector ship uses its powerful stealth capabilities to bypass defenses and beacons. They emerge from hyperspace using precision jump engine technologies, and rip apart unsuspecting ships. Escape pods and survivors are snatched up by the Streib, who patch them up, nd take them into hyperspace where they perform dark experiments on them. It's a well-armed ship but rarely does it get into a head-on battle. Like the Shadows, the Streib prefer using hit and run tactics, and will escape direct conflict, striking later at a time and place of their choosing. If the Streib are forced to do bttle, their weaponry can inflict a great deal of damage before the Streib escape back into hyperspace.

  • Crew: 20 (plus up to 20 prisoners)
  • Weapons: 2 twin-linked heavy laser cannons, 3 light laser arrays, 1 tractor beam