The Babylon Project

The Styx Hotel was a tourist attraction cut out of a series of caverns beneath the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee that opened around 2059.

The hotel eventually went bankrupt and stood abandoned for some time until it was quietly bought by a mining company that served as a front for Josiah Tozer. Tozer, whose son had been taken by the Psi Corps, donated the former hotel to the Telepath Resistance. Originally set up by Monkey himself, the Styx became one of the underground's very best centers of organization and one of the few to be in operation for extended periods between cycles of periodic abandonment and reoccupation.

Fiona Dexter, along with her husband Matthew, their baby son Little Stee and her trusted friend Stephen Walters were all at the Styx Hotel fortress when the Psi Corps picked up Jenny Winters in the nearby town. A deep scan quickly turned up the location of the Styx Hotel as their eastern base of operations. During the ensuing raid, both Fiona and Matthew were killed and the hotel destroyed while a wounded Stephen Walters managed to escape into the woods and Little Stee was captured by the Corps.[1]