"It's strange . . . I can't shake this feeling . . . a memory of me going somewhere, sitting and talking to you, and you not listening."
"Yeah, well, I get that a lot from you."

Susan Ivanova to Marcus Cole, shortly after awaking on Chryn III

Susan Ivanova was a genetic clone of the original Susan Ivanova, created from a single hair found on the uniform of Marcus Cole, after his removal from cryonic storage and imprinted with "Ivanova's Voice," a neural imprint of Anla'Shok Na Ivanova before her death.


In 2560, an expedition to the Rim discovered the ruins of the alien civilization that had produced the energy transfer device and at last found the information that would enable Alliance doctors to revive Marcus Cole. Cole, waking up to a world he no longer knew and surrounded by monuments to friends long dead, embarked on a scheme that would reunite him with his lost love, Susan Ivanova.

Using the not so small fortune that had been kept in a trust fund for him since his body's arrival on Minbar, Cole first purchased a small, jump-capable flyer and traveled to the neural archives on Sirius IX. With the help of a local Drazi named Farn, he broke in and stole the data crystal on which a neural imprint of Ivanova had been stored. He next made his way to a small medical research station in the Brakiri Syndicracy, where a Doctor Quijana was hiding from Earth Alliance authorities for his illegal work with the Human genome. After providing the doctor with the neural image and a genetic sample in the form of a single hair, found on his Ranger uniform after emerging from cryo, Cole paid Quijana a considerable amount of credits to grow a clone to full maturity, with the neural imprint taken up until the point that she was knocked unconscious at the Battle of Sector 300. From there, he traveled to Mars where he would spend the next thirty-two years and four months back in cryosleep at Ever-Dream Enterprises, before returning and collecting a fully matured Ivanova from Quijana's son.

New LifeEdit

Ivanova awoke on Chryn III, an isolated, uninhabited and disregarded planet well off the beaten track with a climate not unlike Maui on Earth. The last thing she recalled was being on White Star 2 in Sector 300 and being badly injured after the ship was struck by a chunk of debris. Cole explained that it had occurred weeks ago, and that they had been shot down by Raiders and crashed on this planet while en route to Babylon 5 to celebrate the end of the War. With the ship and distress beacon destroyed, they were stranded with no way of contacting the others. Ivanova agreed that the best thing to do was to find food and shelter and to settle in for the duration.[2]


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