Canonbox default.png The following is based on Betrayals and contradicts canon sources.

The T'llin are a sapient species native to the planet T'll. They have a hibernation ability that lets them freeze in place, appearing like inanimate statues.

The Narn conquered T'll and treated the T'llin much as the Centauri had once treated them. The T'llin themselves remarked that like the Narn, they had learned brutality and destruction from their conquerors. In 2259, during the second Narn-Centauri war, several T'llin disrupted a peace conference between the warring powers that was being held on Babylon 5, in an attempt to liberate their world. Their leaders, the siblings Phina and Olorasin, were snuck onto the station in disguise as statues by the Human Semana MacBride. They persued two different strategies to gain help: both directly asking ambassadors of other races to help them free T'll, and later taking Captain Sheridan and the major ambassadors hostage to demand the Narn leave their world.

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