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"I carry my sword in my hand. You carry yours in your heart and in your mind. As I see it, that gives you a two-to-one advantage in arms. Be fair, Citizen G'Kar."


Ta'Lon's k'tok was a shortsword that the Narn warrior carried with him everywhere he went.


Ta'Lon was a warrior-philosopher, devoted to the idea that his sword - once drawn - could only be sheathed once it drew blood. In most circumstances when he used it to threaten another, even only to display it to others, he would cut his own hand and spread his blood over the blade before sheathing it.[1]

He carried the sword to Babylon 5 in 2260 as the personal bodyguard of Na'Far, the Narn chosen by the Centauri to replace G'Kar. He briefly offered his sword to John Sheridan, in thanks of the captain saving him from the Streib vessel they had been taken prisoner on.[2] He even pulled the sword on his fellow Narn after they threatened to attack Na'Far, seeing him as a traitor to his people.[1] In the end, Ta'Lon was able to use his sword as a metaphor to keep G'Kar from leaving the station.

After Ta'Lon was made the official Narn representative on Babylon 5, he continued to wear the k'tok.[3] In the words of G'Kar, his people needed someone "more warrior than priest" to lead them, as he had become more priest than warrior.


  • During its time as an Earthforce station, Babylon 5 had a strict no-weapons policy.[4] It is possible that Ta'Lon was able to carry this sword on the station due to a change in the regulations following the split from the Earth Alliance or stemming from diplomatic privilege as the bodyguard of a state official, later as an ambassador himself.