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The Tak'cha were an insectoid race who fought in the First Shadow War on the side of Valen.[1]


The Tak'cha, led by Ramde Zarwin, took Valen's teachings and messages to heart, though they somehow managed to gravely misinterpret them. When Valen discovered that the Tak'cha were attacking innocent races who would not join Valen's cause, he banished them from his presence. The Tak'Cha fleet returned to their homeworld and watched the progress of the war from afar, never truly understanding what they had done wrong. Tak'cha sacred texts make mention of Delenn in an account by Zarwin of a conversation he once had with Valen regarding misunderstandings. Valen intended to entrust Zarwin and his people with a message for Delenn, but one of his Vorlon companions convinced him otherwise.

For the next thousand years the Tak'cha stayed on their homeworld trying to comprehend where exactly they had failed Valen and his message. They hoped to one day be redeemed and serve him once more. During this time they guarded Ende X'Ton, a location they believed was holy, for the thousand years it lay dormant after it was initially abandoned until John Sheridan, Delenn, Michael Garibaldi, and Susan Ivanova found it floating adrift in early 2261.

Glossary of Tak'cha Terminology[]

  • Barrken: A traditional Tak'cha weapon in use around the time of the First Shadow War and was used by Valen as the basis for the Minbari Denn'bok.
  • Ende X'Ton: Roughly translates as "The Lost Station". It was the title given by the Tak'Cha to Babylon 4 after their expulsion from the alliance during the First Shadow War.
  • Ramde: Military rank or title akin to a Senior flag officer.
  • Ramdela: Military rank or title akin to a Senior officer.
  • Z'ondar: Roughly translates as "Great One." It was the title given by the Tak'Cha to Valen during the First Shadow War.

Notable Individuals[]