Rapid promotion questionEdit

Was it ever explained what Matthew Gideon did that earned him his promotions so fast? He went from Ensign to Captain in about eight years ad had been commanding ships long enough to have earned a major reputation.

It took John Sheridan at least eight years to be promoted from Lieutenant Commander to Captain (We first see see him as a Lieutenant Commander in 2245 and he's promoted in March 2253) and he wasn't promoted to Captain until almost 6 years after he defeated the Black Star (May 2247 to March 2nd 2253).

So what was it that Matthew Gideon did which led him to be promoted all the way from Ensign to Captain between February 9th 2259 and December 25th 2266? (When his ship is recalled to help defend Earth against the Drakh).

I considered the possibility of officers being fast tracked for promotion to fill gaps in the ranks caused by causalities from the Earth Alliance Civil War. But the thing is the much higher casualty rates of the Earth Minbari War and the rebuilding of the fleet afterwards would have logically led to a more massive surge in promotions of surviving officers, and given Sheridan's role in destroying the Black Star he probably would have been near the top of the list of officers being promoted faster then normal. (In fact until I read his page here I thought that Sheridan had been promoted to Captain during or just after the Earth-Minbari War.)

--Roguestar (talk) 06:26, October 1, 2014 (UTC)

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