Uh, WTF?[edit source]

The age of Minbari at the start of the article is "Approximately 120 Earth years".

And then,

Minbari are a relatively long lived race. Lennier was over 110 cycles (approximately 146 year of age) when first reporting to Babylon 5, though demonstrating a physiology similar to that of a human approximately 30 years of age, suggesting a maximum life expectancy of 450-500 cycles (600-670 years of age). The transliteration of Minbari DNA into human appears to diminish the lifespan of a given subject to something more closely approximating human life expectancy; Delenn lived at least another 100 years beyond what must have been in excess of 160 years when she first reported to Babylon 5, based upon her prior history before reporting. Conversely, as Valen awoke after 42 years in human form, his total lifespan must have expanded significantly following genetic transliteration, extending his life expectancy an additional 260 years or more.

So first it's approximately 120 years.. - and now it's apparently 600+ years...??

Yeah.. that is a HUGE contradiction.

What's the deal, here? 21:17, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

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