Capitalization mistakeEdit

On page 142 of Casting Shadows, pak'ma'ra is capitalized. Think this is something that could be added to the "behind the scenes" section of the page? At any rate I'm too tired tonight to add anything proper into the wiki so this question also serves as a reminder of this mistake as well. Radagast83 07:59, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

It's not surprising; there's a number of capitalization/spelling inconsistencies in the various licensed media. Unless I'm mistaken I think even the Official Guide capitalizes "Pak'ma'ra", so apparantly that particular JMS decree didn't filter down into the official style guide. Perhaps just amend the existing BtS entry with a caveat to that effect?
Incidentally, it's interesting how the pak'ma'ra could have had foreknowledge of the Shadows if they weren't a space-faring race until the 21st century. That plus their apparent familiarity with the Drakh in "Lines of Communication" and their apparent lack of telepaths appears to indicate the Shadows once had a presence on Pak'ma as they did on Narn. Think there's enough circumstantial evidence to mention this possibility, or is it a little too much like speculation? Blind Wolf 17:37, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

Misuse of Word Edit

"pak'ma'ra anatomy does feature genitalia, located on the flanks of their massive torsos; however, they are solely for waste excretion."

If it is not used for reproduction, then it is not genitalia.

I recall reading somewhere that, rather than being hermaphrodites, the Pak'ma'ra were instead highly gender dimorphic ... much like Angler-fish ... and that the "hump" seen on some, but not all, Pak'ma'ra is in fact a conjoined mate.  I'd offer the JMS quote here:   (scroll down to JMS Speaks)

by way of citation.  Presumably the "female" of the species is non-sapient and conjoins to the "male" with everything but the reproductive system atrophying (again, like a gender reversed version of the Angler-fish). 13:40, March 5, 2015 (UTC)