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I think we're at a point now where Delta Wing has enough data that it can probably have an article of it's own, agreed? Also, while we're at it, do we know of a reliable source for the squadron designations? As should be apparent I've done a lot of research into the various patches and graphics over the years and while the Alpha & Delta wings appear to be valid, I've yet to figure out where "B5FB-1014 Rolling Thunder" and "B5F2-1015 Air Cavalry" (for Beta and Zeta wings respectively) originates from...that is other than the Security Manual (not the most reliable source of info at the best of times.)

I have however tracked down a number of other designations not mentioned in this article but have no idea what wings they might be attracted to: "Hell's Angels B5TC-4142", "Grim Reapers B5TC-9495" & "Strike Eagles B5SA-1031" (all I might add are dated 2256.) There's also some non-B5 ones: "Lobos LXFA-9669 (2257)", "Stingers ROFA-4194 (2258)", "Aces Full CHFA-4765 (2258)" "Death Vipers APFA-4195". Based on the fact that instead of the B5 logo, these patches had the letters 'A', 'R' 'C' & 'a' respectively I suspect they're meant for the Alexander, Roanoke, Churchill and the Apollo (though I've yet to spot them in 'Severed Dreams' or 'Endgame'.) I've refrained from including any of this up to now as it amounts to original research on my part and I don't have any valid citations. Did anyone get that 'Artefacts from Beyond the Rim' book? Perhaps that might shed some light on things? Blind Wolf 15:08, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

Since Sigma Squadron (or is it Sigma Wing? it's inconsistent) is also designated LXFA, maybe the Lobos were also attached to Lexington. Otherwise I think you're right about the ships they're with. I wonder if the B5 wings you list were rejected names -- unless B5 had room for more thn 4 fighter wings. Where did you find these names? 02:52, May 16, 2019 (UTC)

Moving Echo Squadron to the B5 list Edit

Echo Squadron is listed under the "Other Starfury Squadrons" section. They become attached to B5 mid-way through season 3 and stay there. They were only seen as part of the EAS Churchill's fighter wing during the Battle for B5 Independence. I think the squadron should be moved to the list of B5 squadrons, since that is where they were more-prevalently displayed during the course of the series. KenoSarawa (Talk|Contribs) 16:21, June 9, 2015 (UTC)

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