Babylon 5 Technical ManualEdit

Does this refer to the website [1], or the book The Babylon 5 Security Manual, or something else? I cannot find any source called Babylon 5 Technical Manual.
--BoneGnawer 12:22, 24 September 2007 (UTC)

sourceing Edit

yes the sources i have added refer to the website, all the technical information and most of the information on the ship that i have written about comes from this site

While they have great info there, should not be considered a primary source. often cites their own official sources and therefore it can be a great secondary reference, but please reference the original source rather than a fansite. Please see The Babylon Project:Canon. Thanks for the great edits, I just want to make sure we're sticking to canon and official sources. --BoneGnawer 13:13, 27 September 2007 (UTC)

Not ReliableEdit

I think we should start weeding out erroneous references to this fansite as while doing a little cleanup on the Thunderbolt article I had a look at to check their primary sources. They claim the Thunderbolt is a SA-32A and cite "The Official Guide to Babylon 5 (CD ROM)" as the source. I just checked my copy and it contains no such reference in the Thunderbolt article. I did however find a reproduction of a Thunderbolt patch that has it as an SA-23J (hence the move.) So while is a good site, I think we should start removing it as a reference source in it's own right.Blind Wolf 14:28, 3 September 2008 (UTC)