Is Timov really a Mollari? (Copy of July 2012 talk page: problem with "Timov Mollari" as name) Edit

No one in the episode "Soul Mates" uses the name "Mollari" when referring to or addressing Timov (or Londo's other wives, for that matter), and it occurred to me that adding "Mollari" to her name might be incorrect. I don't have access to Peter David's Fall of Centauri Prime novels or any other materials, so I can't check this myself at the moment. If in fact no other source gives her that name, then we shouldn't have it in the article. The tradition of a wife taking her husband's last/family name isn't universal, even among humans. Women in many non-Western cultures traditionally keep their original names, and even some Western women do not take their husband's names these days, for various reasons. Unless there is evidence otherwise, why should we automatically assume that alien wives would change their names? -- BlueResistance 03:53, March 23, 2013 (UTC)