Taq was a representative of the Lumati who came to Babylon 5 in 2259.


Taq was a servitor, to speak for Correlilmurzon until he could decide whether humans were worthy, since communicating directly with a "lesser species" would constitute a loss of face in his society.

Commander Susan Ivanova met the two Lumati and offered a tour of the station. After seeing Medlab and a few other facilities, Correlilmurzon suspected Ivanova was only showing her the "good parts" of the station, so he asked to be taken to Downbelow. Believing the Lurkers there had intentionally been isolated because of their "inferiority," Correlilmurzon was deeply impressed with the Alliance. He began to speak to Ivanova directly and agreed to draft a treaty immediately.[1]


Taq's sole appearance was in "Acts of Sacrifice."

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