The Babylon Project

The Taratimude were a sentient race. They had great stiff wings that hung in folds from their arms, with long tapered fingers.

In 1257 the Taratimude encountered the Shadows, who offered them a massive upgrade to their own primitive organic technology. Unaware that they were going to be used as agents of chaos, they accepted the tech willingly; many took it for selfish reasons. The Taratimude rebelled against the Shadows when they learned their true purpose. Calling together the other races the Shadows had given the tech to, in 1259, Wierden, at their first convocation, founded the Circle and the Code that governed the Techno-mages down the centuries. Eventually the Taratimude became extinct due to infighting because of the tech promoting aggression.

Every techno-mage knew the Taratimude's language.[1]