Taro Isogi was CEO of FutureCorp and dedicated to developing a non-violent plan for Mars independence.

History[edit | edit source]

Taro Isogi was CEO of FutureCorp, a corporation that was limited to Earth as of 2259. Isogi planned on expanding the corporation to Mars, despite objections in the Earth Senate and the Mars Provisional Government. Isogi's "progressive" plan would have helped pave the way for Mars to be truly self-sustaining, a sure step towards independence.

Early that year, he came to Babylon 5 to meet with Amanda Carter, a member of the Mars government. The meeting was moderated by Talia Winters, a Commercial telepath who was an old friend of his. The meeting showed great promise, but after it was concluded Isogi was brutally murdered by Abel Horn, who had been "programmed" to assassinate Isogi by Bureau 13. His plans for FutureCorp and Mars died with him.[1]

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