Tarsier was the codename for a black ops program run by Earthforce Bio-weapons Division, under General Thompson.[1]

The program began in 2249 and performed a series of highly illegal cyberorganic experiments of live human volunteers drawn from Earthforce. The intent was to enhance the natural abilities of humans through cyberorganic and cybernetic implants. The process was difficult on all of the participants, resulting in sickness, convulsions, body shock and trauma, but they all endured because they were young and career military, and because they believed in what they were doing. On of the volunteers, Emma, died during a botched operation that was intended to replace her eyes with implants that would give her enhanced night vision and ultraviolet spectrum receptors that would have given ground pounders an edge on alien worlds. After that, details of the project had begun to leak out and so Tarsier was shut down, its test subjects given hush money and abandoned by Earthgov.

Tarsier PersonnelEdit


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