What better way to go out than furthering the course of scientific knowledge?Dr. Tasaki

Dr. Tasaki was a geologist from Proxima III. He was married to a woman there.


Dr. Tasaki was working on Babylon 5 in 2258 when the station began detecting strange seismic disturbances from Epsilon III. Tasaki piloted a shuttle with a team of three other scientists to take readings from low orbit. They had barely made it into their orbit when an extremely strong alien signal was broadcast from the planet, knocking half the shuttle's systems off line and requiring it to be towed back.

Hardly discouraged, Dr. Tasaki made an initial report and quickly made arrangements for a second shuttle run. Despite the warnings of Lt. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova not to approach too close to the planet, Dr. Tasaki made his second run even closer to the planet, activating an automated defense system from the Great Machine beneath the planet. A starfury escort saved the shuttle, but that was the end of Dr. Tasaki's shuttle runs of the planet.[1]


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