Dome techs

A line of techs surprised at the Rebirth of the 4 command officers in their new uniforms.

Marianne Robertson Tech

An unnamed Tech


Guerra, played by Ed Wasser in the pilot episode but would return as Mr. Morden for the rest of the series.

David Corwin

David Corwin, played by Joshua Cox. He would become the station's executive officer.

Tech (or Dome Tech) is an auxiliary position in C'n'C that has been held by many people over the years. Guerra and David Corwin were such techs.


The actor Bill Blair also played a Dome Tech in one of his few appearances without alien make-up. He is the actor recognized by Guinness Records for most special effects make-up characters portrayed in a career. [1]

Dome tech- Bill Blair

Bill Blair, alien extraordinaire, with Joshua Cox.


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Dome pit techs

Working in "the Pit" is a vital position for many Dome Techs.

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