An unnamed techno-mage who had arrived on an unnamed planet in the distant past. This techno-mage built a huge computer core and transmitter and created a nano-virus that caused the population to kill each other.[1]

When the crew of the Excalibur arrived at the planet, Galen warned Matthew Gideon not to go down to the planet, and later revealed that other techno-mages were told to avoid this particular planet. Gideon disregarded the advice and went down to the planet's surface anyway, and soon afterward the landing party began to die mysteriously. Dr. Chambers examined the bodies and found the nano-virus. Galen took a further and closer inspection of the virus, and discovered that it was created by a techno-mage.

Galen, distraught with the idea that one of his order would do such a thing, traveled down to the planet to seek out the techno-mage. What he discovers is that the techno-mage had long since died, but an avatar was left behind to continue the programming that its creator intended, to murder.

Galen threw his staff at the machine, which was able to destroy it, obliterating the machine controlling the nano-virus and the techno-mage avatar.


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