The Babylon Project

A nano-virus that was created at some undisclosed time before 2267 by an unnamed Technomage which eventually decimated an unnamed planet.[1]

Embarrassed by this incident, the Techno-mages who knew of the atrocity committed by one of their own told their Order to never land on this planet for fear of discovering the truth.

Galen uncovers this in 2267 when the Excalibur explored the planet. Distraught with the idea that one of his order would do such a thing, Galen traveled down to the planet and was able to destroy the machine controlling the nano-virus and the techno-mage avatar. Dr. Sarah Chambers was then able to reverse engineer recovered nano-bots and create a way to temporary block the similarly designed Drakh plague from infecting a person for up to 48 hours.

This technique to temporary block infection by the Drakh plague is later used on Theta 49[2] and is briefly mentioned at the Plague Eradication Management Strategies Mars Conference on Mars.[3]