A techno-mage transport is a specialised type of vessel used by techno-mages.[1]

Because the techno-mage transport had advanced sensors far beyond the Interstellar Alliance's capabilities, Galen helped navigate the Excalibur to the Well of Forever in 2267 by merging his ship's nagivation controls with the Excalibur's. This merge gave him control of Excalibur's engines, allowing him to remotely commandeer the destroyer.[2]

Technomage ships were constructed of advanced, Shadow-based technology. They are typically custom-created by a sub-faction of the Technomage order called the Kinetic Grimlis – beings characterized by an advanced understanding of the laws of physics, engineering, and other related sciences, even by techno-mage standards.

They utilized time-space compression technology to allow a larger interior volume than the hull would normally accommodate. They also utilized organic technology that psychically interfaced with the bonded pilot, bypassing the need for physical controls (although the ships retained physical controls for non-bound pilots). The ships also possessed highly advanced stealth technology, able to easily avoid detection by even the most advanced Sol-force vessels of the time. Additionally, the ships could avoid detection by even the Shadows and the Vorlons, in some circumstances. The offensive and defensive capabilities of a Technomage vessel are similarly enhanced by their use of Shadow technology. Although they cannot match the vessels of the First One races in direct combat, they are capable of damaging and even destroying First One vessels as part of a fleet action or when granted the advantage of surprise and trickery.


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