Teeptown was a closed community for telepaths in Geneva, originally built up by the MRA and later Psi Corps from the old "MetaSensory compound".[1]

Equal parts sanctuary and ghetto, Teeptown was where generations of young telepaths were raised, educated, and also indoctrinated by the Corps. The size of a village or small town, Teeptown featured a common, a shopping center, several campus quadrangles for the various cadre dormitories, each of which had their own smaller commons. The hospital quad was home to the creche, where babies were kept before joining their first cadre house. Kept some distance away from the other dorm buildings was the latents' dorm, which was called "the basement" by the children and was allocated for those late bloomers who had yet to manifest their psi ability.[2]

The Cadres each consisted of three houses for groups aged 3-5, 6-10 and 11-12. After this, the Cadres were broken up and reassigned to schools in the Minor Academy until they were old enough to graduate to the adjacent Major Academy. Cadre Prime, the group made up exclusively of the very rare telepaths that manifested their abilities either at birth or before the onset of puberty was housed in Alpha Quad, right next to the Minor Academy and Stanchion Field. Aside from the Cadre houses, commons area and fish pond, Alpha Quad itself featured a statue of William Karges.

The statue of the "Grabber" as the children called it, depicted Karges leaping with outstretched arms and an expression of noble determination on his face, was erected some time before 2195.[2] Karges's statue was all but destroyed in the bombings during the Telepath War of 2265, with the last remnants finally cleared and replaced with a new statue depicting Fiona and Matthew Dexter and their lost son Little Stee, as a symbol of hope following the dissolution of Psi Corps.[3]

Next to Stanchion Field were apartments for married couples and the administration housing for mundanes, along with a number of government and admin. buildings. Past all of these was a large complex which housed the Director's office.


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