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Peter demonstrating his special gift.

A telekinetic ("teek") is a sentient being with the ability to move and manipulate objects with their minds.

Telepaths are more likely to be a telekinetic, but the odds are very low - approximately 1 in 10,000 human telepaths are telekinetic, with half of them clinically insane. There was an unknown alien, possibly related or allied with the Drakh, with glowing eyes that stopped a dagger thrown at Londo Mollari by Minister Vole via telekinesis. [1] The Vorlons have similar abilities. Ambassador Kosh lifted and choked President Sheridan in the hallway when Sheridan provoked him into helping them win one battle against the Shadows. When Lyta attempted to telepathically scan Ulkesh, he telekinetically slammed her against a wall and apparently caused her great pain telepathically. [2] The prevalence among alien telepaths (e.g. Centauri, Minbari) is unknown.

In 2258, The Psi Corps had experimental treatments done on Jason Ironheart in an attempt to create a stable telekinetic. His powers grew to such a level that he ascended into a being of pure energy and told Jeffrey Sinclair that he would see him in 1,000,000 years. As a final gift to his former lover Talia Winters, Ironheart gave her rudimentary telekinetic powers. These abilities apparently increased over time. [3]

After she was modified by the Vorlons, Lyta Alexander also became a powerful telekinetic. Though initially, using this ability required a significant physical effort, over time she became powerful enough to overload electronics and unlock handcuffs with only a casual thought.

Known telekinetics[]