The Babylon Project

The Telepath War was a conflict with non-telepathic humans and rogue human telepaths on one side and the Psi Corps on the other. Official Earth Alliance media called it the Telepath Crisis, in an attempt to downplay its severity.[1][2]


One contributing factor to the beginning of this war was the creation of a colony of telepaths on Babylon 5 by Sheridan and Delenn. Sheridan later described it as the worst mistake of his career. The colony was created in an attempt to control and influence telepaths, but they turned on him.[3]

After Byron's death, his lover and successor at the leadership of the resistance, Lyta Alexander, became obsessed with revenge. After several attacks against the Corps, she was arrested, but agreed to leave Babylon 5, making a two year trip in space alongside G'Kar, while Michael Garibaldi created in secret a telepath army, which Lyta would lead after her trip. The war began when the Psi Corps attempted to take over the Earth Alliance. The Interstellar Alliance entered the fight to help on the side of the mundanes and rogue telepaths.

The Psi Corps managed to kill all the known resistance leaders, and captured the last one, a woman named Alison. She was taken to a Psi-Corps facility, where she met a Corps officer named John Matheson, and convinced him to look at the Corps in a harsh light, and he stopped giving her sleepers. Later, she confessed to him that she had let herself be captured to allow her people to track the place where Psi Corps held her. He left the facility in a shuttle, knowing the facility would be attacked, without telling his superiors. Right after his shuttle left the facility, that, along with the island where it stood, was destroyed by an explosion.[4]

The climax of the war came when Psi Corps Headquarters was destroyed, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Alfred Bester's men. Lyta Alexander and the disgraced Minbari Ranger Lennier were also among the casualties.

Alfred Bester survived his organization's destruction thanks to fleeing his elite forces slaughter, and went into hiding, but Garibaldi eventually hunted him down, he was judged and spent all his remaining life in prison.[5]

Following the war, the Psi Corps was disbanded, and the Psionic Monitoring Commission was created. At least some old Psi Corps members, like Matheson, later joined Earthforce.[6]


  • The exact dates of the war are not given, but it was "recently" over by the time of "A Call to Arms," set in December 2266.