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Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The Abattoir is a massive space station in orbit over the Pak'ma'ra's homeworld, the only location that aliens are permitted on set foot on at their homeworld.


It's a massive hulk of mismatched sections which was built by the pak'ma'ra in 2211, using the mining and trade flotillas that were left behind by the Centauri occupation. Over the decades, new additions were slapped on haphazardly to the space station. Resulting in a trading station that has a very trapezoidal and polygonal look and feel. Because of the way that it was constructed, the station has hundreds of small hangar bays and shuttle decks throughout the structure.

It has tens of thousands of pak'ma'ra, therefore the entire station is filled with an extremely strong stench. When spacers arrive on the station to do business, most are fully aghast at the odor and repulsiveness of the station, and some leave before they can find out about the wonders that are found within. Veteran patrons know that the stench will eventually deaden their scent receptors and are able to mostly ignore it, and those that have very sensitive noses may end up purchasing specialized filter plugs.

The stations has room in its commercial bays for several hundred small shuttles and small ships. It also has docking structures that are restricted to Civility Defense Fleet ships and are usually filled with fueled and ready to go fighters, in case of a threat to the station. There are also bays that are reserved for dignitaries and their military escorts from the member worlds of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. It is the Civility Defense Fleet's primary shipbuilding facility and therefore there is always a dozen or more pak'ma'ra ships under construction. Fighters and light craft are built at the station, an larger ships are built on temporary scaffolding facilities thousands of miles away.

It provides a variety of services to visitors. Employees and Civility-arranged personnel have their lodging at the station paid for, and visitors are offered a number of lodging options for a fee. Lodgings vary from studio sized to condo sized to office-style quarters. Housing companies offer rooms that are neither staffed or serviced by the pak'ma'ra, charging much more. In the Abattoir, nearly anything can be purchased legally, both goods and services. The only things which cannot be sold or traded, are weapons, neither the simplest weapons (e.g. knives) nor the largest weapons (e.g. starship weapons components).

On the Abattoir are many gallerias, art museums, and civic theatres, plus a public auditorium. Since the pak'ma'ra believe that the application of art is the best way to show the divinity of the Chosen People (the pak'ma'ra), they attend viewings as a form of religious mass. Anyone purchasing pak'ma'ra art is heavily taxed by the Civility, who want to make sure that the artist is compensated for their divine inspiration. The twisted corridors and rooms of the Abattori that looks ends up looking like a colossal polymer and alloy jigsaw puzzle results in a lot of unused space turning into public grounds. In these unused places, impromptu trade and social gatherings take place, as well as gambling. The poor and destitute also huddle in these spaces for warmth and safety.

Additional Characteristics[]

  • Width = 1 mile
  • Height = 1 mile
  • Auxiliary Craft = 22 cargo shuttles, 8 light shuttles, 36 Porfatis class light fighters, 24 assorted League of Non-Aligned Worlds fighters, 70 maintenance-bots