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To create an encyclopedic reference of the Babylon 5 universe, we need a definition of what is considered part of that universe.

B5 Fiction[]

The following is a compilation of Canon stories, as follows:

TV/DVD Movies[]

TV Episodes[]

Babylon 5[]


Unproduced Crusade Scripts[]

B5 Comics[]

B5 Novels[]

Psi Corps Trilogy[]

Legions of Fire[]

(Note: Though the stories are canon, the books contain a number of dating errors.)

The Passing of the Technomages[]


(Note: There are some minor differences between the novelizations and the filmed versions, in such instances, the filmed version takes precedence.)

B5 Short Stories[]


JMS produced material, such as USENET postings, etc. which often state or clarify canon are considered official.

The following items are officially licensed products, or well-known accurate references and can be considered valid references unless contradicted by any of the above sources:


Bo reading a copy of 'Dining on Babylon 5'.

Other Media[]

Unauthorized Reference Guides[]

  • The Babylon File
  • The Babylon File (Vol 2)


Official Sites[]

The official sites below can be considered official references, but may be superseded by the B5 fiction or JMS info described above.

Fan Sites[]

Fan sites should not be considered official references. They can be secondary references, if they cite their sources. The two sites below are excellent secondary references.