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Because this wiki covers a well-defined and limited range (that of the fictional universe of Babylon 5), and has as one of its goals comprehensive coverage of that, we can avail ourselves of the luxury of very high standards for citation. See The Babylon Project:Canon for acceptable sources.

Citations should be made using Template:Reflist.

The article should contain the reference inline, but surrounded by reference tags as below:

Beta 12 was Centauri designation for the location
of Earth's solar system. <ref>"[[Midnight on the Firing Line]]</ref>

The above sample code is the same as the first example below.

A "References" section should appear at the bottom of the article. Put the "reflist" template below the "References" heading.

Example Content[]

  • Beta 12 was the Centauri designation for the location for Earth's solar system. [1]
  • Babylon 4 was equipped with the largest ion engines ever manufactured by humans. [2]

For books, a page number should be cited:

  • Example needed. [3]

Other reference material that does not tell a narrative story should be italicized, cited by page, and linked:

  • Centauri Libertarion Day fell on May 12 in the Earth calendar year 2262. [4]
  • Beta Colony was located in the system designated Sigma Draconis by the Earth Alliance. [5]


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