The Babylon Project

This is the page to organize community stuff, list wanted articles or else ... you can also use this page, or its talk page, as a forum to discuss things.

Policies & Style[]

See The Babylon Project:Policies for policies on a variety of items.

See The Babylon Project:Style guide for the accepted styles and formats to be used in articles in this wiki.

To do[]

  • Develop a reasonable category system, see Special:Categories
  • Sort every article at least into one category, see Special:Uncategorizedpages
  • Priorized new articles: fill the red links on the main page first
  • Templates?
  • Improve our images. Many have poor resolution or incorrect aspect ratio.

Wanted articles[]

See Special:Wantedpages for an automated list or add single articles below.

  • ...

SciFi Wiki[]

Hi, I'm an admin on the SciFi Wiki and I'm not even sure if we have anything on Babylon 5 so if you could come over and help (knowledge on any other SciFi is welcome aswell) I would be grateful (especially because I've never even seen Babylon 5 and we need more variety ((it's mostly Star Trek and Doctor Who))).--UESPA 02:34, 29 January 2008 (UTC)