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The Babylon Project is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to the Babylon 5 universe.

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15 August 2023

Babylon 5: The Road Home is released on Blu-Ray and streaming.

3 May 2023

JMS announced the upcoming release of Babylon 5: The Road Home.

February 2023

Streaming rights of the HD Remaster of Babylon 5 were acquired by Tubi.

24 July 2022

David Warner (Aldous Gajic from Grail) passed away at the age of 80.

28 September 2021

The Babylon 5 reboot is officially in development for broadcast on The CW.
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Alfred Bester

Alfred Bester was a senior Psi Corps officer and one of the more notorious Psi Cops in Level 12 Investigations. Bester was born in 2189 at a secret location while his parents, Matthew and Fiona Dexter, resistance leaders both, were in hiding.

In 2257 alfred was found naked in the bathroom at babylon 5....

In 2258 he was in pursuit of a powerful telepath named Jason Ironheart, and first arrived on Babylon 5. Bester eventually agreed to work with Captain John Sheridan at several points during the second Shadow war particularly after the Shadows captured Bester's pregnant lover, Carolyn Sanderson.

The wealthy industrialist William Edgars had perfected a lethal virus which would attack telepaths' unique genes. Any infected telepath would quickly die without regular doses of the antidote they had also created. Bester brainwashed Michael Garibaldi and programmed him to enter Edgars confidence. After killing Edgars and acquiring all the virus, he removed the commands and left Garibaldi to cope with the realization that he had betrayed everyone he knew on all sides.

Following the Telepath War, Alfred Bester was wanted for war crimes that he committed. He spent several years on the run before moving to Paris, France.


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