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The Babylon Project was a roleplaying game published by Chameleon Eclectic, in conjunction with Titan Books, in the late 1990s.

System Edit

The basic task roll is made by using (one attribute)+(one skill)+(2 if a specialty of that skill applies)+1d6-1d6 in an attempt to beat a target number. Opposed rolls can be used; the opposition replaces the Target Number. Double 1's, while generating a total of no modifier to attribute+skill, generate a negative side effect; double 6's a positive one.

Fortune Points Edit

Earned by playing to one's characteristics, this meta-currency allows a bonus die (2 FP), a reroll of a bonus die (keeping the higher of the old or new roll) (2 FP more), to ignore the Xenorelation limit (1 FP), and to prevent dying (2 FP). When a Characteristic affects the character in a negative manner, one fate point is earned.

Advancement Edit

Experience is earned at 1 point per session, plus 1 to 3 per adventure.

It takes 7 experience to raise an attribute, 4 to raise a skill, 4 to gain a new skill with one specialty, or 4 to add a new specialty to an existing skill.

Character Abilities Edit

Attributes Edit

The system uses 13 attributes and several figured scores. The overall attribute range is 1-9, except for psionics, which can be 0.


The game defines 58 skills in the corebook; The Earthforce Sourcebook adds several more.

Characteristics Edit

These are a combination of disadvantages and advantages; playing to them earns Fortune Points. Examples include Rank, Deserter, Attractive, Handicapped.

Supplements Edit

Earthforce Sourcebook (1997) - Contains additional fictional information about the Babylon 5 setting, as well as optional rules for use with the rules presented in the main rulebook. The ship combat system included in it is a variation of the Full Thrust game, used under license; it largely ignores player characters, and plays as a miniatures wargame.