The Babylon Project

The Chronicles Of Londo Mollari-Diplomat, Emperor, Martyr, and Self-described Fool is the autobiography of Emperor Londo Mollari of the Centauri Republic.

The assembly of memoirs and recollections was written by Emperor Mollari during the last years of his reign, and was dictated to Vir Cotto only a few hours before Mollari's death in 2278. The bulk of the narrative concerns the time period during which the Babylon 5 station was at the center of interstellar politics.[1] Mollari included information about events at which he had not been present, using sources such as John Sheridan's account of the Second Shadow War.[2]

The finished book was edited by Cotto after he succeeded Mollari as Emperor, and was published posthumously in 2280. It was quickly translated into a number of languages and distributed to many worlds in the Interstellar Alliance -- including an Earth edition later the same year -- to set the record straight concerning Mollari's time under the control of the Drakh, preceding the Republic's re-admittance to the Alliance.[1]

Some years later, the late Emperor's recollections were adapted into a story form that served as the narrative for the ISN special documentary, Babylon 5. The program was made possible by substantial grants from the Anla'Shok Memorial Fund.[3]